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Welcome to the Age Better Newsletter – your source for cutting edge information about anti aging, health, wellness, and personal development.

My name is George Parigian Jr. and I’m a personal trainer, internet marketer, and web author. I also happen to write the Age Better newsletter once a week.

Age Better is not just about antiaging, it’s also about daily life issues, plus motivational and inspiring information as well. Age Better is truly a labor of love. I love writing and sharing information with people that they can use to help deal with their life and health issues.

I will also share with you what’s happening in my life and how I have dealt with issues that may be of concern to you too.

I’ll touch on things like health, personal development, business, and even entertainment and current events. I will also share with you the kinds of products and services that I have used to solve problems, get stuff done, and in general make my life easier.

I hope that personal feeling comes across to you.

What is Age Better about?

The overall theme is ‘anti aging and wellness’ -helping you to not only live longer, but better and happier as well.

Every issue will have something of inspiration for you, whether it’s a quotation or a thought for your day, or even a bit of trivia as we all need a little fun in our lives from time to time!

You’ll find ideas, and perspectives on such diverse
topics as:

  • antiaging made easy
  • personal development
  • reducing stress
  • taking better care of your skin
  • exercise
  • creating abundance in your life
  • current events

Those are just some of the many topics topics I will cover! My first objective is to keep it fresh and informative. So if you ever think I am falling short in that goal you can always contact me by email and let me know!

Your thoughts always count in Age Better!

It won’t be a pitch fest either…..

There are othere ezines and newsletters that have become an excuse to pitch product after product to you. It seems they exist for no other purpose than to sell you things.

Age Better is not like those other ezines! My promise to you is that I will not recommend a product unless I’ve tried it myself – and honestly think it will provide REAL VALUE for your hard earned money. This means that I will not be recommending products in every issue of the newsletter, only when I have something genuinely good to share with you!

Age Better is first and foremost about good quality, useful, and entertaining content. If you are serious about anti aging, wellness, and personal development, then I strongly recommend that you subscribe to my newsletter.

Ok….so what next?

First,  please fill in the form on this page and get your own free subscription my cutting edge anti aging and wellness newsletter.

If you put it off until later, you may forget, so please
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Just as soon as you fill in the form and click on the button,
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This is done for your protection, to make sure that nobody
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Clicking the link in the email is important because your newsletter will not start being delivered to your inbox until you have completed that step.

So….thank you in advance for subscribing, and I will see you in the next issue of Age Better!


George Parigian Jr.

P.S. I’m really looking forward to welcoming you to Age Better,
so please don’t forget to fill in the subscription form right away!



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